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  • Best 8 Inch Studio Monitors

    These are my favourite choices for the best 8 inch studio monitor speakers available right now! From JBL to Yamaha the choice can be overwhelming, narrow it down with this comparis...
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  • Keyed Glock for Kontakt

    On Black Weekend the Spitfire Team created a sample library in a day of a Keyed Glock. I’ve been a fan of Spitfire Audio for years and and so happy to see them release
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  • Best Skin For Ableton Live

    Ableton Live is notoriously hard to skin and the out of the box options are really very bad. Luckily Pure AV, aka Lance Thackeray created the best skin for ableton live ever!
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  • Blog-Ableton-shortcuts

    Live Animated Shortcut Keys

    Shortcuts speed up your creative flow in Ableton's Live and how to use them with animated previews! I love using shortcuts they're so helpful in speeding up your workflow
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  • Songs, Scales & Chords

    All musicians get to the point where we randomly enter notes in a vain effort to make a magic chord progression. Learn some basics to avoid this creativity crushing pitfall.
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  • Ultimate list of free soundfonts

    Ultimate List of Free Soundfonts

    What is a Soundfont & why do I want one? SoundFont the brand name that referred to sample-based synthesis in early sound cards to playback MIDI.
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  • Massive Wavetables For Serum

    Native Instruments Massive has been such an influential force within music production since it’s release in 2007. It has gained widespread popularity...
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  • Top 10 Youtube Tutorial Channels for Music Production

    Top 10 YouTube Channels

    We've collected some essential learning resources in the form of YouTube Channels for music production. It doesn't cost anything to educate yourself.
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  • Free Samples and Loops

    Hey guys, my websites stats show me lots of sites that link into and checking those links is a great way to discover more free samples and presets.
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  • Essential Learning

    Digital Audio Basics Explained

    Monty Montgomery for explains the ins and outs of how digital audio works. The physics of audio seems mystical and there is a lot of confusion around it.
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  • Reece Bass Tutorial

    Massive Reece Bass Tutorial

    Black Sun Empire have some tutorials on their YouTube channel and this one is next level and shows you exactly how to create a reece bass the right way. It's often described in for...
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  • Blog Free Neuro Snares Tutorial

    Snare Tutorial (Massive VST)

    If you’re struggling to create your own snare drums from scratch, this quick tutorial in Native Instruments Massive VST will get you on the right track.
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  • Blog 808 Clap Tutorial

    808 Clap Tutorial (Serum VST)

    A truly great tutorial to make your own 808 style clap sounds for your tracks. You can expand on what is shown in the video and use additional envelopes.
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