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16th September 2020
Our Roland TR-808 Drum machine deep sampled with love, for a massive 642 sounds! Free to download, get a piece of the original, now.…
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Melody V3

18th April 2019
Free trap and hip-hop melody loops made with serum presets included in the pack along with midi files. The loops are based around 140 Bpm……
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Melody V2

30th January 2019
Melody V2 is a Trap loop pack based around 140 Bpm. Midi and Presets for massive are included for the loops so you have maximum flexibility……
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Melody V1

24th January 2019
Melody V1 is a free download, built for maximum flexibility. Not only do you get the midi files used for each melody loop but also the unique presets..…
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Massive Presets

17th October 2016
Individual presets for Native Instruments Massive VST/AU. Free to download and play around with. Each download is a patch created for Facebook.…
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808s In The Box

9th March 2016
Drum sounds made entirely in the BOX. Using various emulations of 606, 808 and 909 drum machines these are raw and processed.…
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808 Trapstep Vol 2

24th January 2016
Everything you need to get started making 808 heavy trap, hiphop & future bass. Just add your favourite synths, Nexus and sound fonts.…
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808 Trapstep Vol 1

24th January 2016
Free 808 sample pack with everything you need to get started making Trap, Hip-Hop & Future Bass. Just add your favourite synths like Omnisphere……
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Future 808s (Zebra 2)

24th January 2016
Please make sure you have the latest version of Zebra from Uhe. Get Zebra Here. Apart from Serum by Xfer this is probably my most loved synth…


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The Best Dark Skin for Live 10

9th November 2020
The default Ableton Live 10 theme/skin can be a bit boring so spice it up with a theme! Dark themes work best at night in our experience, we’ve got an…
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Tune Your 808 like a Ninja

28th July 2020
Tutorial to help tune your 808 samples to be in C and perfectly in tune with your music inside FL Studio. Best method so far that even a noob can…
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Gross Beat Alternatives

6th June 2020
Every producer gets to a point where they want to try out something new. A different DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or maybe we want to try out similar effects to…
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Best 8 Inch Studio Monitors

30th January 2018
These are my favourite choices for the best 8 inch studio monitor speakers available right now! From JBL to Yamaha the choice can be overwhelming, narrow it down with this…
Featured image for “Keyed Glock for Kontakt”

Keyed Glock for Kontakt

8th December 2017
On Black Weekend the Spitfire Team created a sample library in a day of a Keyed Glock. I’ve been a fan of Spitfire Audio for years and and so happy…
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Best Skin For Ableton Live

12th October 2016
Ableton Live is notoriously hard to skin and the out of the box options are really very bad. Luckily Pure AV, aka Lance Thackeray created the best skin for ableton…
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Live Animated Shortcut Keys

6th September 2016
Shortcuts speed up your creative flow in Ableton’s Live and how to use them with animated previews! I love using shortcuts they’re so helpful in speeding up your workflow…
Featured image for “Songs, Scales & Chords”

Songs, Scales & Chords

29th August 2016
All musicians get to the point where we randomly enter notes in a vain effort to make a magic chord progression. Learn some basics to avoid this creativity crushing pitfall.…
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Ultimate List of Free Soundfonts

14th June 2016
What is a Soundfont & why do I want one? SoundFont the brand name that referred to sample-based synthesis in early sound cards to playback MIDI.…