808 Trapstep Vol 1

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Everything you need to get started making 808 heavy trap, hiphop & future bass. Just add your favourite synths, Nexus and sound fonts. Get creative and go beyond. All samples are free to use in your Productions. If you like these sounds there 33 time the number in our sample pack Catalyst to really rev up your tracks.

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There Are
9 Kick Drums
10 808 Basses
27 Claps/Snare Drums
23 Cymbals
18 Vocal Chants
13 FX
3 Instruments

Audio Demo

Free Download

Size: 35.6 mb

808 Trapstep Pack Vol 1

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Also available - 808 Trapstep Vol 2

Make even more hit records with 808 Trapstep Vol 2. Also available for free download.

This pack has 4x the number of sounds and includes a demo project made in Ableton Live.

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      First unzip the file with 7zip that’s a free app. Then you can move the folder containing .wav to live’s sample folder or place the folder anywhere you want and add the folder from the ableton live browser. Tutorials for this can be found on the live site

  1. i downloaded the file and when trying to insert into my DAW, it appears as an audio file. How do I fix this so that I can use the beats in my production?

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      It depends on what DAW you’re using as to how you can do this. Some people compose drums entirely with audio samples in the playlist and some will load into a sampler and use midi to trigger them.

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          Use groove agent SE, it should be a plugin already available but it’s a free download for you from cubase. Press F5 (which opens the Mediabay) then find/audition/dragdrop ur own samples into Groove Agent. I’m not familiar with cubase but this should work for you.

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  2. Hey, the website isn’t loading on my browser, or another browser on my OS, and I can’t update. Can I have a direct download link?

  3. I connected the soundcloud, and the download button appeared, but it wouldn’t work. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to get a direct download link?

  4. Hello, I just downloaded this and I cant seem to figure out how to put them in FL studio mobile. I have an idea and thisis just the pack i needed so thx!i

    1. Just download samples they’ll work 100℅ sure some of kicks on the fl mobile sometimes doesn’t work that what you need to download samples

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      Extract and place the folder of samples where you want to store them. For example in the music or my documents folder. Inside live, at the bottom of the browser click add folder and select the location. I recommend creating a folder called ‘samples’ then adding that one folder rather than adding each and every one you collect. It’ll automatically update the samples as you add more.

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