The Sample Set Vol 4

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Are you looking for unique sounds for your music? Grab yourself the 4th installment in our collection. These sounds are designed for use in our own music. After they’ve been incorporated into a track, I like to share them for others to use and enjoy.

Package Contents

  • 12 Kick Drums
  • 17 Snare Drums
  • 36 Cymbals
  • 6 FX
  • 6 Percussion Sounds

All samples are free to use in your commercial productions royalty free.
* Please share but do not repackage this release, thank you.

Free Download

File Size 17.5MB

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  1. my highschool blocks so many sites (including music,entertainment,comedy ect.) this is one of the ones that isnt blocked, thank you so much for making things I can use for my music career.

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