The Sample Set Vol 1

Package Contents:

20 HiHats & Cymbals
30 Kicks
9 Percussion
30 Snare Drums
10 Tom Drums

Are you looking for unique sounds for your music? Here's a collection of sounds designed for use in my own music. After they've been incorporated into a track, I like to share them for others to use and enjoy.

All samples are free to use in your commercial productions royalty free.
* Please share but do not repackage this release, thank you.

Free Download

Free Download | The Sample Set Vol 1

Comments 2

  1. Hey, I noticed that the label Zenhiser is selling a samplepack called 80’s Crush for 60 AUD. Most of the drumhits are to 100% the same samples as this one. I’m just curious if they got your permission to repackage and sell them.


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