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Please make sure you have the latest version of Zebra from Uhe. Get Zebra Here. Apart from Serum by Xfer this is probably my most loved synth but least used. I often find presets to be epic or pants but the engine underneath is capable of amazing sounds with minimal CPU hit, especially super saw sounds. It’s a little too advanced for it’s own good! Please support and buy the synth if you can, developers of audio stuffs are rarely rolling in cash.

To install: PDF Install Instructions

These presets are free to use in your tracks, please share the site and presets if you like them but please don’t reupload or take the content.

∗ Share but don’t repackage

There Are
17 Bass Patches
6 FX
23 Synths

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    1. TriSamples Post

      This preset pack uses Zebra a third party vst/au that will work with any Daws that accept plugins such as Logic x, Ableton live, FL Studio. The sample packs will work with all Daws and are universal.

    1. TriSamples Post

      Zebra is a VST plugin. Reason can’t use vsts currently only a few rack extensions are available. If you want to try these presets out you can download the demo from uhe’s website for zebra and a different DAW like fl studio or Ableton live.

    1. TriSamples Post
        1. TriSamples Post