Downloading & Extracting

Our downloads are provided as a single .zip containing all the files and folders. For anyone on a slow internet connection, we've also split the download into .zip folders. If you have a download manager you can also use one to download any files that might fail or be too large to download in one go. 


Both Windows and macOS can extract our .zip files however there are free apps available that make the task easier. If you need more help feel free to use the contact page.


The zip utility that is built into Windows cannot extract split archives. To extract we recommend 7-Zip.

This free app is simple to use and can compress and uncompress files. To extract, right-click on the file and  choose one of the 7-zip extract options.


The zip utility that is built into OS X cannot extract split archives. To unzip split archives under macOs, we recommend Keka.

This free app can extract and compress files. To extract, double-click on the first file after you've installed Keka or drag it to the Keka window.