Downloading & Extracting

Downloading Files

To help those on slower connections or if downloads fail, you should read the following guide. We provide 200 MB split multipart .zip files and recommend using a download manager  if your browser stops before fully completing the transfer. 

Download Managers

Ninja Download

The free version of Ninja Download can work with the chrome extension to fully manage your files. Resume or pause downloads and avoid broken files.

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DownThem All

DownThemAll is an extension for Firefox capable of download management. Resuming broken downloads and downloading multiple files at once.

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Orbit Downloader for Windows os a standalone app with options for downloading from content providing sites like Pandora, YouTube and more.

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Extracting Zip Files

Below is an example of the types of files to expect. You need to have all the files downloaded to extract the archive correctly. 
If you need more help feel free to use the contact page.

Archive Size Part 200MB 1 200MB 2 200MB 3 120MB 4

Split Archives In Windows

The zip utility that is built into Windows cannot extract split archives. To extract we recommend 7-Zip.

This free app is simple to use and can compress and uncompress files. To extract, right-click on the first file "" and select the 7-Zip menu, choosing one of the extract options.

Split Archives in macOS

The zip utility that is built into OS X cannot extract split archives. To unzip split archives under macOs, we recommend Keka.

This free app can extract and compress files. To extract,
double-click on the first "" file after you've installed Keka.